What We Do

We organise community events and aim to deliver services to promote independence, dignity and self-determination of disabled people living and working in York.

We work alongside other disability groups and user-led organisations to strengthen the voice of disabled people.

YILN attends the Voluntary Sector Forum and the Council of York Equality Advisory Group.

As a partner of Healthwatch York we help disabled people have their say on health and social care. This year, we are supporting Healthwatch York’s research into discrimination against disabled people.


Access to health services in York for Deaf people: YILN facilitated focus groups with Deaf people which formed a groundbreaking report by Healthwatch York that has received national coverage. The report has been accepted by the York Older People and People with Long Term Conditions Partnership Board and the health authorities have said that they will take steps to improve access for deaf people.

Changes to Direct Payments: YILN enabled the Council of York to make improvements to the way disabled people manage direct payments. Disabled people and their families contacted us to ask for help after the Council of York made changes to direct payments. We organised a meeting with direct payments users, their families and the Council. The Council officers found out what problems we were having and have started to take steps to address them.


A better York for everyone (York Fairness Commission) We highlighted the experiences of disabled people in York and suggested steps to reduce inequalities. YILN wrote to the York Fairness Commission on behalf of YILN,  Lives Unlimited, York People First, York Blind and Partially Sighted Society, York Mind and York Race Equalities Network.

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