Celebrating York Disability Pride 2017

York Disability Pride. Celebrating International day of disabled people and disability history month. Friday 1st, Sat 2nd & Sun 3rd Dec 2017. See here for further details – yiln.org.uk, or email admin@yiln.org.uk, or phone/sms 07951050153.

Thanks to all those that were part of our York Disability Pride 2017 celebrations.  We had a great time and the events really gave us a good opportunity to connect with lots of people about both the barriers disabled people face in their everyday lives, as well as the valid contributions we make each day and everyday.

Just to recap, on Friday 1st Dec 2017 we held the York Disability Pride cabaret.  ‘A Christmas Carol’ by Once seen theatre, part of York People First, Chronic Poetry by Lucie Ware, ‘Any Mother Would’ by Next Door But One Theatre, comedy by Laurence Clark and a musical finale by Band 1/2/6.

On Saturday, 2nd Dec, we were at York Explore with the excellent Say Owt poetry, we showed some short films by Alfie Fox and Whizz Kids and linked to the Eleanor Worthington Prize in Urbino, Italy for a live debate.  Also, Imogen Godwin of wrote and performed this poem for us ‘Sometimes Humans Look Like Us’.

And on Sunday, 3rd Dec, we marked international day of disabled people by showing some short films, including a tribute to Lynn Jeffries, a disability campaigner in York who set up York Independent Living Network, and Tod Brownings 1936 epic revenge drama ‘Freaks’.

Thanks to all that took part, supported us and made this event happen so we could push back on the predominant doom that surrounds so much of how disability continues to be viewed and just be unconditionally accepting and indeed celebratory about it.  Diversity is inevitable anyway eh?.

So thanks for being part of it. We’d really love to hear from you if you have thoughts, feedback or any suggestions about any of these events, or even what might be possible to do next year.

Here’s to a wonderful 2018 and, as Imogen had on her T-shirt ‘an accessible future’.

Get in touch

If you are thinking about hosting an event next year, want to find out more or have other questions do get in touch with Stephen on 07951050153 or admin@yiln.org.uk

*Just in case your wondering, by disabled people we refer to the social model and include a broad range of issues, i.e. mental health, learning difficulties, physical, sensory and other impairments, chronic illness and other health related issues. By informal carers we refer to friends or family members that provide an unpaid caring/support role. By allies we mean anyone who is committed to achieving disability equality and inclusion and recognises the everyday struggle disabled people face.

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