The Care Act and You 2014 – post it

Post it note responses Care Act event 12 Feb 15


Question 1: What change to social care would make the biggest difference to your life?

True Coproduction

  • People listening
  • Reliving fear of losing support already received
  • Professionals in the council should be facilitators, not feeling in charge of people
  • I don’t want to feel guilty that I need Social Care
  • Social care is just as important as physical care
  • Abandon one size fits all e.g. night time care
  • Given an equal say being regarded as having value – my opinion and feeling counts

Better pay and conditions for carers

  • Having a ‘carers champion’ who can be a point of contact and support in accessing services, problem solving etc.
  • Better training for carers to be more person centred, focused on individual needs
  • Better pay for carers so there are better trainer / quality staff

Action over forms – better assessments

  • Less form filling in and tick box exercises and more doing! Too much red tape which loses focus of person cared for
  • one central point of contact
  • less tick box forms
  • keeping referrals open longer
  • shorten waiting times for assessments
  • social workers to go back to be social workers and not administrators
  • Shorter assessments – quicker processes
  • too much time spent completing forms – not enough action
  • having a named contact person rather than relying on team and computers
  • Summary of your needs to be highlighted and prominent on your notes available when you need to contact services.

Better Info

  • scared of what might go
  • better communication with service and cared for
  • access to information being told what is out there, what it available
  • more info on what’s available and what age
  • Clear information and step by step process charts to you to the most appropriate support solutions for you as an individual
  • Poor information on transition from child to adult
  • Very little help from social services

The Cuts

  • Health and social care – battles for funding
  • Professionals at the moment under financial pressure
  • Withdrawal of care would be catastrophic
  • time allowed for tasks insufficient – need to take account of individualised needs
  • recent instability in system – all the change has caused anxiety in clients and social care staff

Working together

  • Better partnership working between CYC and voluntary organisations
  • Better liaison between children and adult services
  • Care in college/uni
  • Having to fight for care makes you into a harder person that you want.
  • Continuity of your allocated case worker
  • Car Hub, one contact
  • Services joining up / more multi agency
  • Better housing for under 50s, not just focusing on over 55s needing care


  • Warden call should return to LA regulation. Service has deteriorated under private partnership.
  • Some form of college (full time) or residential college post 19 – nowhere for children to go or learn new skills
  • Some form of respite like the Glenn available to children with moderate learning difficulties
  • Glenn to be available unto age 25 to tie in with EHCP

Personal Budgets

  • agreed sooner, i.e. before care starts
  • Independent support for family members to support relatives manage a personal budget


Question 2: If social care was working amazingly well what would things be like?

Having confidence in the system to provide the necessary services when needed without a fight.

  • We would feel supported
  • We would be left and trusted to implement the plan for our son – feel supported to live an ordinary life
  • time to sort out paperwork
  • less anxiety
  • no support as parent carer – where do we fit?
  • hopes would not be raised and dashed continually
  • more continuity
  • a lot less stress and arguments at home
  • Plan guided by my daughter and properly funded (fairly)
  • flexible PAs
  • Care managers / Social workers able to do their job, not managing money
  • Work with orbs to understand and address issues

(a) What challenges?

  • Not enough time for most tasks
  • the time it takes to action any support
  • lack of comprehensive information in transition for education to adulthood
  • Transition from children’s services – adult service – new team, different services more stress – EHCP should help if services work collaboratively.

(b) How to overcome them?

  • Informing people of their rights
  • What about cross LAA carers assessment
  • Security of funding – overcome – need government change for anything
  • increased social funding in preventative measure for the NHS
  • Care Hub
  • Carers and transition to adult services
  • How do parent carers find support between CFB and CA?

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