Closure of York Independent Living Network, December 2019.

After much consideration we have decided to close York Independent Living Network.  This will happen at the end December 2019.  We make this decision mainly because of our lack of capacity in being able to sustain and organise a network of disabled people in York.  This is not because we think a network of disabled people and their allies is no longer necessary or relevant.  Rather we believe that there should be greater involvement of disabled people in all aspects of social and community life, and that this is vital to achieving a truly inclusive society. However, we at this time are not able to commit to the effective facilitation of such a network, so therefore have decided to take a change in direction.

We have however made arrangements for some of our remaining resources to be used to set up a human rights forum of disabled people and their allies.  We believe that we need to bring together a wide and diverse group of disabled people, draw on human rights thinking and take action to achieve greater inclusion.  This forum will be coordinated by the York Human Rights City Network during 2020 and we hope it will spark the further and ongoing organisation and action of, by and for disabled people. Further details will be announced later this year, at our York Disability Pride event on 7th Dec 2019.

We would like to thank all those that supported us over the years. Especially, the late Lynn Jeffries, Chris Edmondson and Keith Chapman. Marije Davidson for continued support and focused thinking, and our colleagues at Lives Unlimted, York People First, Healthwatch and many others.

Thanks again – Stephen Lee Hodgkins and Abi Bubb (Trustees).

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