What is Disability Pride?

Made as part of York Disability Pride 2017 celebrations, this short clip explains what ‘disability pride’ means for us. Big thanks for the wonderful and powerful voice of Imogen who tweets as @shewritesall and blogs at UpsideDownChronicles.com for helping make this happen. 

Disability pride is about being loud, proud and out there when it comes to disability, impairment and health conditions. It recognises both the barriers, discrimination and exclusions disabled people face in their everyday lives, as well as the valid contributions we make each day, every day to our communities and societies.

Disability Pride actively challenges our idea of normal, and celebrates the inevitable and exciting diversity of human body and mind.

Disability Pride is ultimately about disabled people expressing themselves, telling their stories and reclaiming their histories in ways that connect to a broader global drive for human rights and respect.

Once called crip power, disability pride is a chance to get together to end ableism and discrimination in our community.

But this is not just for disabled people, it’s for everybody, of all abilities, ages and backgrounds. Disability pride is a movement towards a more inclusive and fairer world for all. And everyone can join in.

So come along on Friday 1st, Saturday 2nd, and Sunday 3rd December to celebrate York Disability Pride.

See http://www.yiln.org.uk for more.

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  1. […] December, York Disability Pride ran over three days on 1, 2 and 3 December 2017 and was organised by York Independent Living […]

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