Lives Unlimited: Direct Payment Support by and for disabled people and family members

Direct Payment Support by and for disabled people and family members

  • New Payroll service

Lives Unlimited is pleased to announce that we can now offer a payroll service through our colleagues at ibk initiatives –

If you are interested please contact Lives Unlimited in the first instance at

  • A new exciting, user and family led project for direct payment support

We are setting up a new project that brings people together to share what works in employing PAs.  This new project is not a service but a shared arrangement between those disabled people and families taking part. It is being planned by disabled people and families who have years of experience of employing PAs. With a paid, skilled facilitator, the project will bring people together to share ideas and solutions that we believe will genuinely improve people’s lives. This is an exciting opportunity to create and shape a group – you must be willing to work cooperatively to make it work effectively.

To kickstart the project we are offering a payroll service through ibk (see above). This is open to anyone needing payroll support.

For more information: Click Here

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