Image of previous doodle with text ‘whats your experience? and how can things be better?’

As part of disability history month and international day of disabled people York Independent Living Network will be creating a huge group disability history doodle. This will map some of the key events surrounding the politics, identity and experience of disabled people in both recent in distant times. Such as how disabled people were seen during the medieval and victorian era’s, famous disabled people, York’s disability history and how disability activists have achieved social change, transformed attitudes and been instrumental in bringing about inclusive policies and anti discrimination laws.

The doodle boards will be set up in the City York Council Entrance Hall, West Office, Station Rise, York, YO1 6GA on Thursday 3rd and Friday 4th December 2015, from 9am – 5pm.

We want people to come along and add something to the doodle, like;  

What is disability? 

What’s your experience? 

What was it like for disabled people in times gone by? 

What will it be like in the future?

There are no wrong answers or bad doodles, so don’t hold back, although offensive things are not welcome. You can follow the doodle on twitter using the hashtag #YorkDisabilityDoodle.

The doodle will be facilitated by Stephen Lee Hodgkins (a trustee of YILN), who will be adding things over the two days. If you have any questions get in touch by email on hiya@stephenleehodgkins.net or twitter at @sidbaility

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  1. Would I be able to simply say, this online journal is the thing that got me as the day progressed today.

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