Direct payments in York – Good News!

The City of York Council has been asked by the Health and Adult Social Care Policy and Scrutiny Committee to review the Direct Payments Terms and Conditions and work with stakeholders – including York Independent Living Network and Lives Unlimited. Watch the webcast:

The Council changed the Direct Payments policy and Terms and Conditions. The changes mean that all individuals who get direct payments must have a Cashplus account and that the Council can remove funding for regular payments that exceeds more than 4 weeks from the account. There are also some other changes that we are worried about.

YILN and Lives Unlimited wrote to the Council to object to the changes and the poor communication with individuals who have been affected. And the Council did not carry out meaningful consultation. We think the changes are against the wellbeing principle of the Care Act and will reduce choice and control.

The Council responded to us, clarifying some issues and providing reassurances. However they are not changing the Terms and Conditions and they have yet to write to all individuals concerned. For example, they have said that individuals can choose to keep their money in a separate account, which does not have to be a Cashplus account. But that is not what the Terms and Conditions state and people don’t know about this option.

Following the Committee meeting, we are now discussing changes to the Policy and the Terms and Conditions.

Our correspondence with the Council:

If you would like to be kept informed about this, then please email wiith your name and email address, and whether you get direct payments.

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  1. Hello, Yes please keep YORK CARERS FORUM informed of the work you are doing. Kind Regards Katie YORK CARERS FORUM


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